Job Evaluation

The Inbucon Job Evaluation Scheme:

  • provides a statutory defence under the Equal Pay Act;
  • has been checked for bias on the basis of gender and age, thereby reducing the potential for equal pay cases and/or claims of discrimination under the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006;
  • adheres to the Equality Act 2010;
  • can be applied to all posts within an organisation;
  • follows the Equality & Human Rights Commission best practice guidelines re scheme maintenance and quality control;

With a job evaluation scheme in place a robust and manageable grading system can be introduced using sophisticated modelling to understand the short and long term impact.

The benefits of using Inbucon are:

Job Evaluation

ije relies upon the skill of the job analyst and is supported by software. We deliver comprehensive on site ije training to all our customers. ije has six factors with accompanying guidance notes whose terminology can be adapted to suit the needs of an organisation.


From Inbucon implementing the scheme, the majority of our customers then take ownership of and maintain the scheme via a licence. In other cases we act as ongoing consultancy support.

Inbucon also delivers bespoke Job Evaluation Schemes developed in partnership with individual customer requirements.

The general project planning process can be summarised as follows:

  • Initial planning meeting (s)
  • Establish Job Evaluation Panel
  • ije training for stakeholders
  • Selection of benchmark jobs
  • Evaluation of benchmark jobs
  • Moderation Meeting(s) in partnership with the customer
  • Evaluation of non-benchmark jobs
  • Moderation Meeting(s) in partnership with the customer
  • Agreed initial internal relativities i.e. “Rank Order”

Grading / Remuneration Strategies

This will often be part of a job evaluation projects but can be conducted for an organisation where there is already an evaluation process or hierarchical system in place, or one is being considered.

Our process includes an interactive model that allows scenario planning with short and long term impacts displayed for individuals, grades, gender impact and the company.

Integration of Job Evaluation with Grading Review process diagram.