We wish everyone a safe weekend - LET US KNOW the movies & tv shows you are going to watch
Mary is going to watch Knives Out
Dominique - Miss Scarlett and the Duke
David - Fawlty Towers
Find out what the rest of the team saw on Monday
#weekend #knivesout #movies #britbox

Enjoying our staff meeting with Louis the dog today making an appearance
#dogs #dogsathome #workingfromhome #virtualmeetings

In March we focused on FTSE 100 pay for Finance Directors.
For further information on how MEIS can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.
#FTSE #100 #Finance #pay

Part 2
Easy Cookies
225g self raising flour
200g chocolate (cut up into small pieces)
Mix everything together
Roll into walnut sized balls & bake on a tray for 7 mins at 180 degrees
YES THEY SHOULD LOOK DOUGHY, that is the best bit
#baking #cookies #workingfromhome

Part 1
Recipe of the day by Dominique:
Easy Cookies
125g butter (or any spread you have in the fridge)
100g light brown sugar
125g caster sugar
If you only have one type of sugar in, just use 225g
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract (dont worry if you dont have this)

Thanks to the care of amazing @boltonnhsft staff, 98-year-old veteran Jack was discharged after being diagnosed with #coronavirus. He’s now on the road to recovery from the comfort of his care home. 🙌 #ThankYouNHS

Another beautiful art work by Dorota to share today #art #oilpainting #paintings #workingfromhome #birds

Happy Birthday to Mary! All Inbucon staff are having cake (or biscuits, whatever we can find in our houses) over Skype with her to celebrate. #birthdaywishes #birthdayinlockdown #staffmatter

2 of 2: or collecting medical supplies / prescriptions from the pharmacy.
This service is only for those individuals that have no other means of having this delivered.
To refer please contact 0141 550 9573 between 10-4 Monday to Friday and a member of staff will help.
Thank You.

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