Salary Surveys

At Inbucon we understand that putting the time and resources aside to participate in Surveys can be extremely onerous.  That is why you do not have to fill in an input document to participate in our Surveys. Just send across a list of your Organisation’s job titles and base salaries and we will do the rest.  Input documents are available to those Organisation’s who are happy to provide more detailed information.

Participation Surveys include

Inbucon’s Private Sector Salary Survey
  • Survey has been running for over 50 years
  • Covering 18 functions such as General Management, Administrative Services, Customer Services, Finance, IT, Marketing and HR, the Survey analyses data from Chief Executives to Assistants
  • Publication Date: Annually in August
  • Participation Cost:
  • Non Participation Cost:
  • Consultancy Price:
  • For an example copy please contact

Your e-mail:

Housing Association Survey of Salaries & Benefits
  • Survey has been running for over 20 years and annually receives over 100 participations
  • Covering 26 functions and 13 grades, this Survey analyses information by turnover, units in managements, number of employees and location
  • Publication Date: Annually in January
  • Participation Cost:
  • Non Participation Cost:
  • For an example copy please contact
Housing Association Non Executive Directors' Survey
  • Survey has been running for over 10 years
  • Publication Date: Annually in February
  • Participation Cost:
    (complimentary to Housing Club Members)
  • Non Participation Cost:
  • For an example copy please contact
Social Housing Executive Reward Survey
  • Publication Date: annually in March
  • Gold Members – complimentary
  • Standard Members Cost:
  • Non Participation Cost:
  • For an example copy please contact

Non Participation Surveys include

MEIS Directors’ Salary Survey (FTSE All-Share)
  • Covers all forms of remuneration for all Executive and Non Executive Positions. Analyses by turnover, market cap and sector
  • MEIS Lite is an online site which allows you to pick your own bespoke turnover or market cap cut and analyse by all forms of remuneration
  • Cost:
  • Consultancy Cost:
    (hard copy survey only – for MEIS database access, contact us for prices)
  • Publication Date: March
  • For an example copy please contact
MEIS Online Database
  • Covers all Executive and Non Executive Directors in the FTSE AllShare, Fledgling and AIM 100
  • Covers all remuneration including base, bonus, single figure rem, pension, benefits, share information
  • Analyse data by turnover, market cap, overseas turnover, number of employees
  • Create bespoke searches with selected companies or turnover or market cap
  • See behind the data with quick look ups and excel downloads
  • Annual subscription:
  • Consultancies: Please contact us for prices
  • For a 30 minute demo, please contact

Participation agreements are available for all our Surveys.  This means if you did not meet the participation deadline, you can still purchase the Survey at a reduced cost in the agreement that you will provide data for the next year’s Survey.  Please contact any member of staff or via email at

Consultancy Package / Advisor Package

If you are a consultancy or advisor and you would like to purchase all of our Hard Copy Surveys, you can sign up to the consultancy package which offers you all of Inbucon’s Surveys at the reduced price of £3,000.  This can be paid upfront or as 12 monthly payments.